Galaxy S7 Stock Firmware SM-G930F International

These stock firmware were officially released by Samsung via OTA updates and Smart Switch. It’s all untouched, not rooted nor modified packages, and it has remained as original as it was. It can be use for unrooting and restores back a Galaxy S7 SM-G930F to its factory default state.

Galaxy S7 SM-G930F Android 7.0 Nougat Firmware Downloads

VersionRegionRelease date
G930FXXS1DQCINew Zealand7 April 2017
G930FXXS1DQCEAustralia6 April  2017
G930FXXS1DQC9Australia6 April 2017
G930FXXU1DQCGEurope22 March 2017
G930FXXU1DQC4Europe, Middle East15 March 2017
G930FXXU1DQC1Nordic countries8 March 2017
G930FXXU1DQBOEurope, Middle East26 February 2017
G930FXXU1DQBHAustralia, New Zealand1 March 2017
G930FXXU1DQB7Europe5 March 2017
G930FXXU1DQB5Australia21 February 2017
G930FXXU1DQB3Europe6 February 2017
G930FXXU1DQASMiddle East17 January  2017
G930FXXU1DPLTEurope17 January  2017

Galaxy S7 SM-G930F Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow Firmware

VersionRegionRelease date
G930FXXU1BPLBEurope, Australia, Middle East, Africa, Latin America22 December 2016
G930FXXU1BPL2Europe13 December 2016
G930FXXU1BPJGEurope, Australia16 November 2016
G930FXXU1BPJEEurope1 November 2016
G930FXXU1BPHJEurope7 September 2016
G930FXXS1APG3Europe14 July 2016
G930FXXU1APF2Europe16 June 2016
G930FXXU1APEQEurope8 June 2016
G930FXXU1APD3Europe17 April  2016
G930FXXU1APC8Europe21 March 2016
G930FXXU1APAWEurope8 March 2016

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Stock firmware have been also very useful for fixing problems such as bootloop, stuck at Samsung logo if the device was bricked during a system modification attempts.